Lock N Lube has become a leading name in the lubrication sector, known for its high-quality grease couplers that boost counter sales and simplify the selling process, ensuring effective results with minimal effort. Mike Kopatich, Vice President of Sales, emphasizes the product’s unparalleled effectiveness and the minimal returns due to its exceptional build. The key to their success? Products that virtually sell themselves, supported by strong brand recognition efforts.

A distinctive aspect of Lock N Lube is its family-owned status, rooted in Lebanon, New Hampshire, where every team member is dedicated to product excellence and customer satisfaction. This commitment to quality and community is echoed by IDCO member Anthony Casciato of Bartuk Hose and Hydraulics, who commends Lock N Lube for their high-quality, innovative solutions that save time and money, alongside their exemplary service and quick shipping.

Lock N Lube’s approach simplifies the sales process, enhances counter sales performance, and minimizes the time required to achieve significant results, making them a valuable partner for distributors seeking reliable and innovative solutions.

For IDCO members, Lock N Lube offers an enticing incentive: free countertop displays and shipping on the first order, underscoring their commitment to supporting partners and enhancing sales efficiency.

Please see below for contact information.
Mike Kopatich: mike@locknlube.com
Vice President of Sales
p: (614)633-6739