Member-led Committees

Member-Led Committees

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee’s main purpose is to recruit and vet new members to IDCO. They also help retain members by providing added value services and recommending speakers, webinars, papers, or training on relevant topics such as hiring, insurance, safety practices, HR, etc.

  • Jason Bethel, Commerce Hose, Chair
  • Mary Melton-Hale, Cross Hose & Fittings
  • Mike Hausler, Wilco Supply
  • Newell Kraik, Ontario Hose Specialties
  • Christopher Hart, Hart Industries
  • Brad Snyder, Kent Rubber
  • Scott Hilton, Hose & Rubber
  • Rob Cifaldi, Campbell Fittings
  • Brent Lilly, PT

Product Advisory Committee

The Product Advisory Committee (PAC) comprises a large group of product-knowledgeable members who search for new suppliers or products for the co-op. Additionally, the PAC implements a vetting process to ensure the selection of high-quality suppliers and products.

  • Thomas von Hillebrandt, Alfa Process, Chair
  • Tripp Batey, Hose of South Texas
  • Greg Bell, B&B Hose and Rubber
  • Tim Bombick, TIPCO Technologies
  • Doug Branham, Branham Corporation
  • Anthony Casciato, Bartuk Hose & Hydraulics
  • Jeff Elwell, Omni Services
  • Mark Fournier, IR-G
  • Karen Helm, Valley Industrial Rubber
  • Mike Mortensen, Alaska Rubber Group
  • Rich Phillips, TIPCO Technologies
  • Katie Powell, Munro Companies
  • Lee Slavinskas, River Bend Hose Specialty, Inc.
  • Matt Steer, Elite Supply, Inc.
  • Rob Williams, Alliance Hose & Rubber Company
  • Tim Deans, Power Product Technologies

Tech Committee

The IDCO Tech Committee is made up of technology-progressive members and suppliers. They constantly interact and search for tech solutions, training, and speakers to educate our members on emerging technology solutions..

  • Mike Mortensen, ARG Industrial, Chair
  • Brad Marshall, HydraTech – Alternative Hose
  • Brad Fitzgerald, Binkelman Corporation
  • Daniel Cramer, Austin Hose
  • Lydia Rice, TIPCO Technologies
  • Mike Powers, ARG Industrial
  • TeJay Griffiths, Hose & Rubber Supply
  • Brett Powell, Midland Industries
  • Brian Swayze, Dixon Valve & Coupling
  • Courtney McChesney, Ideal Tridon Group
  • Noah Kays, Unilog
  • Bill Horrigan, Tribute, Inc.

Women’s Leadership Committee

The Women’s Leadership committee is made up of a dynamic team of female leaders from both member and supplier companies committed to fostering a community where female voices are amplified, networking develops, and career growth is supported.
This group is about recognizing the unique talents that women bring to the table and finding ways to attract and retain that talent in our industry.

  • Ali Kirtley, PT, Chair
  • Mary Melton-Hale, Cross Hose & Fittings
  • Lydia Rice, TIPCO Technologies
  • Kim Hunley, ARG Industrial
  • Katina Yoakum, Hose of South Texas
  • Karen May, Thermoid
  • Melissa Woodley, IDCO