Base Rebate:

2.5% from dollar one

For new IDCO members, sales will be prorated to the date they joined IDCO. For example: $5,000K (Existing member sales) + $400K (New member 2024 prorated sales) *2.5%=$135K

Incremental Growth Rebate:

In addition to the base rebate, IDCO has the opportunity to achieve an incremental growth rebate of 3% on all industrial hose purchases greater than $4.315K. To achieve the incremental growth rebate, IDCO must collectively grow 15% YoY and reach an annual sales threshold of $4.962K. See the example below based on existing member sales of $5,000K.

Applicable sales for this rebate include all sales from current members as of January 1st, 2024. The incremental growth rebate will not include sales for new IDCO members joining in 2024.