2.5% from dollar one

Individual Member’s Growth Incentive: Base Growth Level Over 2021 Sales
15% growth –  An additional 1% for a total of 3.5% rebate
25% growth –An additional 2.5% for a total of 5% rebate

PT will factor in price increases into the targets in 2022. The new targets for members after the last increase are:
23% growth earns a member 3.5% total
33% growth earns a member 5% total

If there is another price increase this year, they will factor in the price increase into the targets and send us a new target list. The new price increase would only affect the remainder of the year after it is implemented. Example: If a price increase goes into effect July 1 for 10%, then since there are only 6 months left in the year, it would be a 5% increase on the annual members’ targets.

Government contracts will not receive a rebate.