Understanding that preemptive maintenance is crucial for seamless plant operations, Proco Products offers a comprehensive expansion joint inspection program that ensures proactive care and maintenance.

This thorough inspection program is a game-changer for plants, allowing for detailed evaluations of expansion joints by a Proco specialist alongside the supplier’s sales representative. They catalog, assess, and advise on the joints’ conditions, averting the high costs and disruptions of unexpected shutdowns.

The result? A comprehensive report and a quote for any replacements needed to equip plant managers with the foresight to schedule maintenance without emergency downtime. It’s not just about preventing failures; it’s about smart, strategic planning.

For IDCO members, this service is a valuable tool in ensuring customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. As Quinton Watkins from Custom Hydraulics and Design puts it: “We’re excited for a partnership that meets our standards in quality and service.” Click here to get your Proco Products questions answered.