IDCO is pleased to announce PT as the 2023 Bob Lyons Supplier of the Year recipient after distinguishing itself among the top contenders through exceptional sales growth, active participation, and substantial contributions to our member services.

With 21% growth in 2023, PT has become IDCO’s third-largest supplier and has shown an impressive 100% growth since 2020. PT’s involvement in key IDCO initiatives, such as the Expo, Product Information Management (PIM), and IDCO U, demonstrates their commitment to fostering a collaborative environment within the co-op.

PT’s team has consistently gone above and beyond in their involvement with IDCO. Notably, Ali Kirtley has taken a leadership role as the Women’s Leadership Chair, and Brent Lilly serves on the Membership Committee, further highlighting their dedication to the co-op’s success.

Close runners-up included Brennan and Midland Industries, both of whom have shown impressive growth and commitment to IDCO. Brennan, with a 16% growth in 2023 and previous Supplier of the Year wins in 2015 and 2022, and Midland Industries, which saw a 20% growth this past year and previous Supplier of the Year wins in 2020 and 2018 have been strong finalists in this year’s selection. Additionally, Dixon and American Biltrite were notable contenders, consistently demonstrating their value and support to the cooperative. All four companies have been honored as Outstanding Suppliers of 2023, reflecting their contributions and dedication to IDCO.

As we celebrate PT’s achievements, we acknowledge all our suppliers’ hard work. Their efforts continue to elevate the standards of excellence within our cooperative, fostering a competitive and supportive network that benefits all members.

Congratulations to PT on their well-deserved award. We look forward to their continued partnership and success in the coming years.