Today is International Women’s Day, and what better way to honor the occasion than to celebrate IDCO’s new Women’s Leadership Group?

We empower those female members by creating a Women’s Leadership Group and giving the women thriving in our industry an avenue to strengthen their voices within our network.  It also helps us recruit more talented women into our ranks. The group will serve as a solid knowledge platform to give our member companies the tools they need to empower women in their businesses.

The group had its inaugural meeting at the IDCO Expo in Louisville last month. Together, they decided that the group would serve as an outlet that encourages and facilitates networking with women in the industry through discussions on relevant topics. The group comprises women from IDCO member and supplier companies, and any woman within IDCO can join!

Ali Kirtley, Marketing Director for PT, said, “As the IDCO community and membership continue to grow, I’m excited the women in IDCO have the opportunity to come together and build our network. This year was a record-breaking year for the number of women attending the Expo. The breakfast discussion was our first chance to bring everyone together to gauge interest – and based on the attendance and discussion – I’m excited and looking forward to the positive impact this women’s group will have for everyone.”

Mary Melton-Hale, President of Cross Hose & Fittings, IDCO’s Secretary and Treasurer, said, “It was exciting to attend the first meeting of the IDCO Women’s Leadership group. What terrific energy we had in the room! We discussed topics close to my heart, such as bridging the generations within our businesses and industry. I look forward to this new networking opportunity within our co-op where we can all feel heard and supported.”

As we move full steam into 2023, let’s keep that excitement at the forefront and continue looking for ways to support the hardworking and talented women in our industry and beyond!