Strong relationships between suppliers and distributors are essential for success in the dynamic and fast-moving world of industrial supply. These alliances pave the way for collaboration and growth and foster a sense of camaraderie that drives the industry forward. During a recent interview with Matt Steer from Elite Supply and Jason Bethel from Commerce Hose, it became evident how their partnership with Kuriyama has cultivated strong business connections, and meaningful friendships, positioning all three for future success.

The Power of Support:

For distributors like Elite Supply and Commerce Hose, having the backing of a hydraulic supplier like Kuriyama is a game-changer. Matt Steer of Elite Supply says, “Kuriyama has always treated us like a valued partner, despite not being the biggest account.”  The support and attention received from Kuriyama enable these emerging independent distributors to tap into new opportunities for growth. Partnering with an industry leader allows Elite Supply and Commerce Hose to aim for greater market share, setting the stage for penetration into the hydraulics market.

Kuriyama’s extensive product knowledge, technical expertise, and established reputation provide invaluable guidance and resources for distributors. This collaboration enables Elite Supply and Commerce Hose to access a wider customer base and allows them to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality hydraulic products and solutions. With Kuriyama as their partner, these distributors are well-positioned to make significant strides in capturing market share and expanding their presence in the hydraulics market.

Kuriyama’s Entrance into Hydraulics: 

Kuriyama of America, a well-established industry player known for its diverse product offerings, strategically expanded its presence in the hydraulics sector. Kuriyama’s support and commitment to their distributors are exemplified by their outstanding assistance in helping them seamlessly transition to their hydraulics line. When Jason Bethel, from Commerce Hose, encountered a great opportunity to collaborate with a new client that would require additional support, he turned to Kuriyama for assistance.

Recognizing the significance of this opportunity, Kuriyama’s sales representatives went above and beyond, working side by side with Jason’s employees to replace the customer’s bins with new labels featuring the new Alfagomma part numbers. This collaborative effort spanned multiple warehouses and took several months to complete.

Moreover, Kuriyama provided invaluable assistance with bin management, taking inventory on-site, and providing detailed reports. Commerce Hose also benefited from the Alfagomma Crimp Program, receiving a dozen crimp machines at no cost. This enabled Commerce Hose to allocate the funds they would have spent on machines toward bolstering their hose and fittings inventory.

The Value of Business Relationships: 

John Collins, National Accounts Manager at Kuriyama of America, emphasizes the importance of business relationships within the industrial hose and hydraulic industries. Through IDCO, Kuriyama had the chance to engage one-on-one with members like Commerce Hose and Elite Supply. Collins states, “It’s a real cooperative journey every step of the way. We love the groups and watching the journey.” Kuriyama celebrates Commerce Hose’s success and genuinely exemplifies the gratification of watching IDCO distributors succeed.

Jason and Matt, representing Commerce Hose and Elite Supply, share the goal of establishing Alphagomma’s name in the United States. Their “whatever it takes” attitude and value of dual partnership drive their relationship with Kuriyama. This partnership showcases the power of trust, collaboration, and mutual support in the industry, fostering growth and market expansion.

The business partnership between Elite Supply, Commerce Hose, and Kuriyama represents the transformative impact of collaborative alliances, propelling them toward growth and success. As Kuriyama strategically expands its presence in the hydraulics sector, the support and insights provided by IDCO foster connections and pave the way for exciting ventures. This is just one example of the value of business relationships and the positive outcomes that emerge when suppliers and distributors come together to drive the industry forward.