Transmission & Fluid Equipment, Inc. (TFE) is a multi-tiered Fluid Power and Power Transmission Distribution Company serving Indiana and Northwest Ohio for over 50 years. TFE’s credentials include serving as the largest independent Gates Distributor in Indiana, with certification status in Hydraulic Assembly.

Locations and Contacts:

Transmission & Fluid Equipment, Inc. - Ft. Wayne, Trafalgar Dr.
6912 Trafalgar Drive Fort Wayne IN 46803
Darlene Kelly Purchasing Specialist [email protected] 260-446-4688
Nicole Williams Purchasing Specialist [email protected] 260-446-8355
Transmission & Fluid Equipment, Inc. - Indianapolis
2804 North Catherwood Ave. Indianapolis IN 46219
Alec Gaff Customer Advocate [email protected] 317-916-2478
Daniel Taylor Branch Manager [email protected] 317-916-2478
Dominique Winfrey Customer Advocate [email protected] 317-916-2478
Jeremy Greene Customer Advocate [email protected] 317-916-2478
Nikki Slone Marketing & Brand Director [email protected] 260-267-9508
Taylor Lineberry Outside Sales Representative [email protected] 317-916-2478
Zach Riedel Outside Sales Representative [email protected] 317-916-2478
Transmission & Fluid Equipment, Inc. - Ft. Wayne, Ardmore Ave.
7001 Ardmore Avenue Fort Wayne IN 46809
Brandon Slone Customer Advocacy Manager [email protected] 260-739-5500
Brian Steffey Customer Advocate [email protected] 260-478-1567
Carol Brown Controller [email protected] 260-739-5531
Chris Hughes President [email protected] 260-478-1567
Jay Millard Director of Opportunities [email protected] 260-478-1567
Jennifer Fink Customer Advocate [email protected] 260-739-5512
Kyle Will Assistant Controller [email protected] 260-494-5190
Leia Ward Customer Advocate [email protected] 260-478-1567
Olivia Chaidez Customer Advocate [email protected] 260-478-1567
Tandy Bowman Purchasing Specialist [email protected] 260-446-6659
Todd Menor Customer Advocate [email protected] 260-478-1567


Industries Served:

  • Chemical Processing
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Marine
  • Mining