Midway Industrial Supply, established in 1960, operates across 13 locations in NY and PA. They specialize in industrial, pneumatic, and hydraulic hose & fittings, as well as PT and belting products. They have an industrial hose fabrication facility in Buffalo, NY, and are led by President Paul Rockwell.

Locations and Contacts:

Midway Industrial Supply-Rochester
43 Marway Circle Rochester, NY 14624 585.312.2836
Andrew Piazza Sales Rep [email protected]
Brian Culbertson Inside Sales [email protected] 585-312-2836
Cristalyn Shaw Inside Sales [email protected] 585-312-2836
Eric Welch Vice President of Sales [email protected] 585-370-0355
Mark Windheim Sr. VP [email protected] 585-312-2836
Midway Industrial Supply- Amherst
505 North French Road Amherst, New York 716-691-3331
Adam Stevenson Inside Sales [email protected] 716-691-3331
Corey Abdulla Inside Sales [email protected] 716-691-3331
Dave Propp Sales Rep [email protected] 716-691-3331
John Coughlin Sales Rep [email protected] 716-691-3331
Keven Swanson Inside Sales [email protected] 716-691-3331
Mike Faulks Sales Rep [email protected] 716-691-3331
Mike Miller Sales Rep [email protected] 716-691-3331
Midway Industrial Supply- Binghampton
110 Robinson Street Binghamton, New York 607-724-3221
Derek Waitkus Sales Rep [email protected] 607-724-3221
Frank Palmisano Inside Sales [email protected] 607-724-3221
Josh Decker Sales Rep [email protected] 607-724-3221
Tim Barrett Branch Manager [email protected] 607-724-3221
Midway Industrial Supply- Bradford
552 Chestnut Street Bradford, Pennsylvania 16701 814-362-6831
Julie Terwilliger Branch Manager [email protected] 814-362-6831
Patty Kearns Inside Sales [email protected] 814-362-6831
Midway Industrial Supply- Lancaster
1745 Roherstown Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 717-569-3221
Bob Krewson Branch Manager [email protected] Krewson
Clay Slough Sales Rep [email protected] 717-569-3221
Greg Robinson Inside Sales [email protected] 717-569-3221
Midway Industrial Supply- Linwood
3902 Columbia Ave Linwood, PA 19061 610-874-6204
Chris Shavers Inside Sales [email protected] 888-257-9289
Gary Watkins Inside Sales [email protected] 888-257-9289
Mike Verna Sales Rep [email protected] 888-257-9289
Reggie Reid Branch Manager [email protected] 888-257-9289
Midway Industrial Supply- Newburgh
280 Little Britain Road Newburgh, New York 845-787-1170
Angela Ceriello Inside Sales [email protected] 845-787-1170
Alan DeFraia Inside Sales [email protected] 845-787-1170
Bret Scalzo Sales Rep [email protected]
Gary Devine Sales Rep [email protected] 845-787-1170
Midway Industrial Supply- Pittston
30 Tariff Road Pittston, Pennsylvania 18640 570-654-4331
Bill Manzonis Sales Rep [email protected] 570-654-4331
Bill Mazonis [email protected]
Diane Sachaczenski Inside Sales [email protected] 570-654-4331
Ken Smith Regional Manager [email protected] 570-654-4331
Midway Industrial Supply- Queensbury
79 Park Road Queensbury, New York 518-793-0016
Don Murphy Inside Sales [email protected] 518-793-0016
Luke Kjelland Sales Rep [email protected] 518-793-0016
Midway Industrial Supply- Syracuse
6287 East Molloy Road Syracuse, New York 315-437-6693
Gary Geisenheimer Sales Rep [email protected] 315-437-6693
Ginny Youmell Inside Sales [email protected] 315-437-6693
John Clement Sales Rep [email protected] 315-437-6693
June Davies Inside Sales [email protected] 315-437-6693
John Snyder Hose Shop Manager [email protected] 315-437-6693
Kevin Nardozzi Outside Sales [email protected] 315-437-6693
Marc Martin Inside Sales [email protected] 315-437-6693
Mark Consroe Inside Sales [email protected] 315-437-6693
Mike Williams Inside Sales [email protected] 315-437-6693
Nick Thompson Branch Manager [email protected] 315-437-6693
Paul Rockwell CEO [email protected] 315-437-6693
Midway Industrial Supply- Syracuse
6720 VIP Parkway Syracuse, NY 13211 315-454-8989
Dawn Ellis Inside Sales [email protected] 315-437-6693
Justin Rockwell Inside Sales [email protected] 315-437-6693
Mark Sujkowski Branch Manager [email protected] 315-437-6693
Midway Industrial Supply- Telford
100 Emlen Way, Suite 116 Telford, Pennsylvania 18969 267-329-0927
Barry Gruver Branch Manager [email protected] 267-329-0927
Lori Rutkiewicz Inside Sales [email protected] 267-329-0927
Midway Industrial Supply- Utica
51 Wurz Avenue Utica, New York 315-797-6660
Brian Berwick Inside Sales [email protected] 315-797-6660
Chris Dempsey Branch Manager [email protected] 315-797-6660
Dan Daktor [email protected]
Dave Sellars Regional Manager [email protected] 315-797-6660
Ed Ledda Sales Rep [email protected]
Frank Washicosky Inside Sales [email protected] 315-797-6660
Mark Webster Inside Sales [email protected] 315-797-6660
Randy Arena Inside Sales [email protected] 315-797-6660
Rick Mogle COO [email protected] 315-797-6660
Richard Swank CFO [email protected] 315-797-6660


Industries Served:

  • Government
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Sanitary
  • Transportation