Established in 1954 by engineer Bill Cross, Cross Sales, and Engineering Company began with a focus on Fluid Power products. Recognizing the value of its employees, the firm transitioned to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 1979 under Bill and Pete Cross’s leadership. Today, as a diversified industrial solutions provider, Cross Company spans five key divisions: Mobile Systems Integration, Hose and Fittings, Automation, Process Solutions, and Precision Measurement. With 600 dedicated employee-owners, the company emphasizes quality, efficiency, and risk mitigation, underpinned by a collaborative ethos.

Locations and Contacts:

Cross Hose & Fittings - Durham
2945 S. Miami Blvd. Suite 107 Durham NC 27703
Joe Beatty Counter Sales [email protected] 919-677-9435
John Loomis ParkerStore Manager [email protected] 919-677-9435
Cross Hose & Fittings - Greensboro, Piedmont
4400 Piedmont Parkway Greensboro NC 27410
Kayla Charlilo [email protected]
Montrey Valentine [email protected]
Peyton Hill [email protected]
Cross Hose & Fittings - Winston-Salem
8100 E North Point Blvd. Winston-Salem NC 27105
Austin Tilley Inventory Management Specialist [email protected] 336-714-1099
Blake Ashburn Retail Sales Manager [email protected] 336-714-1099
Chuck Winn Counter Sales [email protected] 336-714-1099
Jason Duggins Counter Sales [email protected] 336-714-1099
Joe Mainello Territory Manager [email protected] 336-817-0722
Cross Hose & Fittings - Greensboro, South Elm
3012-A S. Elm Eugene St. Greensboro NC 27406
Allen Morrow Territory Manager [email protected] 336-370-4673
Bala Auman Warehouse Lead [email protected] 336-370-4673
Chad Hayden Sales Manager [email protected] 336-382-2725
Chandler Cole Retail Sales Manager [email protected] 336-370-4673
Corey Barker Operations Specialist [email protected] 336-291-2039
Grant Mullins Customer Sales Specialist [email protected] 336-370-4673
Jacob Vasquez Inventory Management Specialist [email protected] 336-370-4673
Matt Vega Counter Sales [email protected] 336-370-4673
Cross Hose & Fittings - Raleigh
2101 Westinghouse Blvd. Ste. 101 Raleigh NC 27604
Alex Pineda Avila [email protected]
Brett Viar Warehouse Lead [email protected] 919-834-4235
Flynn Loomis [email protected]
John Provancha Inventory Management Specialist [email protected] 919-834-4235
Joseph Kincer Counter Sales [email protected] 919-834-4235
Kevin Olmstead Territory Manager [email protected] 919-627-4548
Mike Fair Counter Sales Team Leader [email protected] 919-834-4235
Peter Cornelius Customer Sales Specialist [email protected] 919-834-4235
Cross Hose & Fittings - Asheville
160 Sweeten Creek Road Asheville NC 28803
Brett Allegra Retail Sales Manager [email protected] 828-254-8302
Brian Crisp Territory Manager [email protected] 828-779-1219
Caleb Stafford Customer Sales Specialist [email protected] 828-254-8302
Chas Stalcup Hose Assembler [email protected] 828-254-8302
Chloe Meadows Warehouse Associate [email protected] 828-254-8302
Cindy Page Customer Sales Specialist [email protected] 828-254-8302
Danny Edwards Customer Sales Specialist [email protected] 828-254-8302
Don Peart Warehouse Associate [email protected] 828-254-8302
Garrett Mittendorff Customer Care Team Manager [email protected] 828-254-8302
Customer Care Team Team of Customer Sales Specialists [email protected]
Jacob Shelton [email protected]
Jerry Singleton [email protected]
Johnny Ducker Counter Sales Team Leader [email protected] 828-254-8302
Kerry Johnson Counter Sales [email protected] 828-254-8302
Mary Melton-Hale President [email protected] 828-771-3161
Ronald Barker [email protected]
Tammy Maxwell Warehouse Lead [email protected] 828-254-8302
Terry Hannah Inventory Management Specialist [email protected] 828-779-1203
Woodie Seiersen Counter Sales [email protected] 828-254-8302


Industries Served:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical Processing
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Sanitary
  • Steel Processing
  • Transportation