ARG Industrial is an employee owned company with locations across Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in hydraulic and industrial hose fabrication of lifting and rigging products. We can crimp industrial hose up to 12 inches, hydrotest to 30,000 psi, Swage wire rope up to 2 1/2 inches and pull test rigging slings up to 350,000 pounds. We specialize in Arctic grade products and have significant experience servicing the Oil and Gas, Mining, Marine, Construction, and OEM markets. We are NAHAD Hose Safety members, Members of Associated Wire Rope Fabricators, and the Web Sling & Tie Down Association. 

Locations and Contacts:

ARG - Arctic Wire Rope
6407 Arctic Spur Rd. Anchorage AK 99518
Andrew Hill Rigging Production [email protected] 907-562-0707
Curles Bingham Rigging Production [email protected] 907-562-0707
Drazen Hill Warehouse [email protected]
Gary Moore Rigging Production [email protected] 907-562-0707
James Bertino Warehouse [email protected] 907-562-0707
Jeff Harrison Shop Supervisor [email protected]
Jill Reeves General Manager [email protected] 907-562-0707
Joey Miljure Warehouse [email protected]
Joshua Contreras Customer Service [email protected]
Jover Estrella Rigging Production - Sewing [email protected] 907-562-0707
Noah Gershmel Rigging Production [email protected]
Philip West Sales [email protected] 907-562-0707
ARG - Anchorage
5811 Old Seward Highway Anchorage AK 99518
Aaron Grill Testing Supervisor [email protected] 907-562-2200
Adam Yang Warehouse [email protected] 907-562-2200
Angela Houston Director of HR [email protected]
Alan Luna-Cordova [email protected]
Balthasar Barbosa Rigging Lead [email protected] 907-562-2200
Basil Johnson Shipping and Recieving [email protected]
Ben Fritze Director of Purchasing [email protected] 907-562-2200
Biff Franklin Sales [email protected] 907-562-2200
Luis Jimenez Shipping & Receiving Supervisor [email protected]
Chris Murphy Buyer [email protected] 907-562-2200
Clara Ahtclaseayek Accounting Specialist [email protected]
David Washington Rigging Production [email protected] 907-562-2200
David Welch Sales [email protected] 907-562-2200
Dawni Haines CFO / Board of Directors [email protected] 907-562-2200
Dennis Andrew Production [email protected]
Deshawn Foifua Accounting/Support [email protected]
Dominic Delaney Warehouse [email protected] 907-562-2200
Elijah Tuua Warehouse [email protected]
Fam Fautanu Counter Sales [email protected] 907-562-2200
Gerardo Gonzalez-Calix Shipping and Recieving [email protected]
Giovanni Drago Purchasing [email protected] 907-562-2200
Greg Gladieux Sales [email protected] 907-562-2200
Jamiey Yingling Accounting [email protected]
Javen Tufaga Warehouse [email protected] 907-562-2200
Jaylon Winborg Director of Warehousing & Logistics [email protected] 907-562-2200
Jeffrey Harrison Warehouse [email protected] 907-562-0707
Jeremy Utley Director of Sales [email protected] 907-350-5528
Juana Jimenez Rigging Production - Sewing [email protected]
Justin Doucet E-commerce [email protected] 907-562-2200
Karoline Geerdes Accounting [email protected] 907-562-2200
Kevin Vue Delivery Driver [email protected]
Kristin Schenk Sales [email protected] 907-562-0707
Kris Wisthoff Sales [email protected] 907-562-2200
Leichman Fiaseu Warehouse [email protected] 907-562-2200
Luis Jimenez Assistant Manager [email protected] 907-562-2200
Matthias Morrison Warehouse [email protected] 907-562-2200
Megan Doucet Director of Accounting [email protected] 907-562-2200
Michael Ott Warehouse [email protected] 907-562-2200
Miguel Yang Warehouse [email protected] 907-562-2200
Mike Bishop General Manager [email protected] 907-562-2200
Mike Merritt Buyer [email protected] 206-762-6800
Mike Mortensen CEO / President-Board of Directors [email protected] 907-339-3310, 907-229-6830, 907-562-2200
Mike Powers Director of E-commerce & Digital Marketing [email protected] 907-516-5250
Nick Gerstenbauer E-commerce [email protected] 253-272-0397
Patrick Gartzke Warehouse [email protected] 907-451-0200
Peter Vue Light Equipment Mechanic [email protected]
Mathew Rieth Testing [email protected]
Ron Kruse Sales [email protected] 907-562-2200
Ryan Swaney Warehouse [email protected] 907-562-2200
Samantha Agae Executive Assistant [email protected] 907-562-2200
Scott Graika Sales [email protected] 907-562-2200
Sohail Raja Delivery Driver [email protected]
Tim Poirier [email protected]
Treyton Winborg Testing [email protected] 907-562-2200
Wendy Brock Director of Data Management [email protected] 509-547-6460
Yang Thao Inventory [email protected] 907-562-2200
ARG - Fife
6722 20th St E, Suite F-100 Fife WA 98424
Aaron Jack Shop Supervisor [email protected] 206-762-6800
Cristy Rivero Outside Sales [email protected]
Destiny Sledge Accounting / Office Manager [email protected] 253-272-0397
Dylan Hazeltine [email protected]
James Reehill Sales [email protected] 253-272-0397
Justin Graves Assistant Manager [email protected] 253-272-0397
Kyle Sisneros Warehouse [email protected]
Patricia Muraglia Shipping and Receiving [email protected]
Ray Rios Manager / Technician [email protected] 253-448-1304
Rory Beeler General Manager [email protected] 253-272-0397
Shawn Cooley Warehouse [email protected] 253-272-0397
Thomas Ramey Warehouse [email protected] 253-272-0397
ARG - Seattle
6720 E. Marginal Way S. Seattle WA 98108-3405
Aidan Rohret General Help [email protected]
Brent Susinger Purchasing [email protected] 206-762-6800
Jayden Coury [email protected]
David Clark Warehouse [email protected] 206-762-6800
Evelyn Knight-Jackson Production [email protected]
Elijah Lackey Warehouse [email protected]
Elliot Donohue Warehouse [email protected]
Jairo Artiaga Warehouse [email protected] 206-762-6800
James Paxton Delivery Driver [email protected] 206-762-6800
Jeff Allison General Manager [email protected] 206-762-6800
Mark Fairbanks Warehouse [email protected] 206-762-6800
Michael Lombardy Sales [email protected] 206-762-6800
Quincy Hart Warehouse [email protected]
Scott Putney Shipping & Receiving Supervisor [email protected]
Timothy Cooper Warehouse [email protected] 206-762-6800
Vince Olsen Warehouse [email protected]
ARG - Portland
8405 N. Albina Ave Portland OR 97217
Austin Pearson Production Worker [email protected]
Diana Peck Accounting / Office Manager [email protected] 503-286-2222
Edgar Jimenez Branch Manager [email protected] 907-562-2200
Hector Perez Shipping & Receiving Specialist [email protected]
Jeff Haagenson General Manager [email protected] 503-286-2222
Joshua Schenk Sales [email protected]
Mark Lamberger Outside Sales [email protected] 503-286-2222
Nicholas Gallup Warehouse [email protected] 503-286-2222
ARG - Everett
3520 Paine Ave. Everett WA 98201
Clarence Frank Counter Sales [email protected] 509-547-6460
Dave Kertis Sales [email protected] 509-547-6460
Evan LeBlanc Counter Sales [email protected] 509-547-6460
Mark Hostutler Assistant Manager [email protected]
Jacob Curtis Counter Sales [email protected]
John Gorman Warehouse [email protected] 509-547-6460
Kameron Luckie Warehouse [email protected] 509-547-6460
Steve Boney [email protected]
Travis Gavala Manager [email protected] 509-547-6460
ARG - Spokane
4110 E. Trent Avenue Spokane WA 99202
Adam Tveit Counter Sales [email protected] 509-535-8321
Adam Thompson Counter Sales [email protected]
Benjaman Sundberg Counter Sales [email protected]
Braden Fail Assistant Manager [email protected] 509-535-8321
Bryan Anderson Shipping & Receiving Supervisor [email protected] 509-535-8321
Cody Passmore Counter Sales [email protected]
Draven Eggleston Delivery Driver [email protected]
Eric Murray Outside Sales [email protected]
Jack Livingston [email protected]
Jason Chapman Customer Service [email protected] 509-535-8321
Joseph Boldt Counter Sales & Hose Fabrication Associate [email protected]
Joseph Smith [email protected]
Journey Wells [email protected]
Kim Hunley Accounting / Office Manager [email protected] 509-535-8321
Kristen Fail Vice President of Acquisition Integration [email protected] 509-535-8321
Nate Green Branch Manager [email protected] 503-535-8321
Pete Russell Warehouse [email protected] 509-535-8321
Trac Katsel Sales [email protected] 509-535-8321
ARG - Bellingham
2314 E. Bakerview Rd. Ste. 101 Bellingham WA 98226-7176
Allen Munn [email protected]
Amanda Mata Office Admin [email protected]
David B. Clark Sr. Outside Sales [email protected] 360-734-6330
David Ryan Outside Sales [email protected] 360-734-6330
Israel Orr Counter Sales [email protected]
Mark Handley Purchasing [email protected] 360-734-6330
Mohammed Harun Warehouse [email protected] 360-734-6330
Monique Poor Counter Sales [email protected] 360-734-6330
Nick Myers Counter Sales [email protected]
Noah Randazzo Warehouse [email protected]
Rod Jackson General Manager [email protected] 360-734-6330
Scott O'Day Counter Sales [email protected] 360-734-6330
Travis Tillerson Warehouse [email protected] 360-734-6330
Troy Riley [email protected]
ARG - Pasco
2214 N. 4th Avenue Pasco WA 99301
Alicia Ham Accounting / Office Manager [email protected] 509-547-6460
Andres Castro VMI Specialist [email protected] 509-547-6460
Brent Randall Assistant Manager [email protected] 509-547-6460
Daniel Reyes Production [email protected]
Luis Reyes Warehouse [email protected]
Jake Morton Customer Service [email protected] 509-547-6460
Joey Waldrop Warehouse [email protected] 509-547-6460
Jorje Licon Warehouse [email protected]
Lucas Ham [email protected]
Martin Reiber Warehouse [email protected] 509-547-6460
Matt Morton Purchasing [email protected] 509-547-6460
Nicole Ellis [email protected]
Scott Clawdus Sales [email protected] 509-547-6460
Shane Harrison Sales [email protected]
Simon Chiu General Manager [email protected] 509-547-6460
ARG - Wasilla
3060 E. Palmer-Wasilla Hwy Wasilla AK 99654
Austin Ring Shipping and Receiving [email protected]
Daniel Cruz Counter Sales [email protected] 907-373-1345
Gary McLinn Counter Sales [email protected] 907-373-1345
Kevin Kragt Shipping & Receiving Specialist [email protected]
Kyle Golbeck Warehouse [email protected]
Max Logan Sales [email protected] 907-373-1345
Ryan Martin Assistant Manager [email protected] 907-373-1345
ARG - Kenai
1185 Bridge Access Rd. Kenai AK 99611
Beth Hairgrove Shipping & Receiving [email protected] 907-395-0575
Joshua Hairgrove General Manager [email protected] 907-395-0575
Raymond Jones Assistant Manager [email protected] 907-395-0575
ARG - Fairbanks
1885 Van Horn Road Fairbanks AK 99701
Austin Burleson Rigging Technician [email protected]
Cary Toenies Outside Sales [email protected] 907-451-0200
Colton Barnedt Production [email protected] 907-451-0200
Elizabeth Finley Accounting / Office Manager [email protected] 907-451-0200
Forrest Schuster Counter Sales [email protected] 907-451-0200
Gordy Burks Sales [email protected]
Jason Lauesen Shipping and Receiving [email protected]
Heidi Oberrecht Delivery Driver [email protected]
Ishmael Agae Counter Sales [email protected] 907-562-2200
Jack Oberrecht Counter Sales [email protected] 907-451-0200
Jake Ennis Sales [email protected]
James Eidenmiller Sales [email protected] 907-451-0200
Jared Jenkins Warehouse [email protected] 907-451-0200
Jeremiah Bakken Counter Sales [email protected]
Kyle Sundborg Inventory Control [email protected] 907-451-0200
Major Workman Warehouse [email protected]
Richard Harris Inside Sales [email protected]
Ryan Bowen Counter sales [email protected] 907-451-0200
Ryan Hoveskeland Purchasing Agent [email protected] 907-451-0200
Scott Boyle COO / Board of Directors [email protected] 907-451-0200
Taylor Shirley Assistant Manager [email protected] 907-451-0200
Tyler Mitchell General Manager [email protected] 907-451-0200 x2101
Tyler Seay Warehouse [email protected] 907-451-0200
Willam Schuller Production [email protected]


Industries Served:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical Processing
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Railroad
  • Sanitary
  • Steel Processing
  • Transportation