“IDCO has been an amazing resource for our company. The product offerings enable us to compete in markets we would not be able to compete in. The exchange of ideas with other principals has enabled us to improve many facets of our company. The rebate checks deliver real additional profit to our bottom line. Membership is a great value and a great resource.”

Jeff Scheininger, Flexline Inc.

Because they serve a specific niche, our members have more expertise than competitors who serve multiple markets and many more product lines. This expertise has earned IDCO members the respect they deserve.

Membership lets you network with other well-respected industry experts to share knowledge, experience, and connections.

IDCO members regularly trade best practices with one another to improve industry norms nationwide.

IDCO’s fall Leadership Conference is the perfect opportunity for our member principals to come together and strategically plan for growth, profitability, and operational efficiencies.

IDCO’s February Expo is designed to showcase our endorsed suppliers’ products. During the expo, you’ll learn about new and planned product offerings and enhancements, receive expert sales advice, network with co-members, and attend training classes.