Getting Started in WarehouseTwo

To start the registration process, point your web browser to Click on the “Become a Member” link toward the top of the home page to begin the registration process. 

Step 1: Terms of Use 

These terms of use are for your protection and other members’ protection. Please print them out and distribute them to those in your company using WarehouseTWO.

Step 2: Membership Type 

Select “Distributor”. Select the best choice for how you first learned about WarehouseTWO. If you learned about us from a manufacturer or a distributor, we would like to know who, if just so we can thank them. 

Step 3: Member Level 

We recommend a membership level of 2 or 3. Choose level 2 if you intend to post just your slowest-moving inventory (no more than 1,000 inventory records); choose level 3 if you intend to fully embrace inventory-sharing and post all of your available inventory (up to 10,000 inventory records). 

Step 4: Member Information 

The contact information you enter here will be your account’s first user account, which will have administrative rights. Later in the registration process, you can add additional users, with and without administrative rights. 

For level 4 registrants, only check the “Request Portal access” box if you wish to activate this feature on your account. This function lets you create a single login access to our website via a link on your company’s intranet or a web browser “bookmark.” (This feature is unavailable to level 1, 2, or 3 members.) 

For level 2, 3, or 4 registrants, only check the “Request FTP access” box if you intend to automate your inventory postings. This function is required to automate your inventory postings (This feature is unavailable to level 1 members).

Step 5: Communities 

Browse the list of available inventory-sharing communities. Choose as many communities as your membership level allows. The more communities you participate in, the more value you will get from your WarehouseTWO membership. 

Step 6: Location Information 

The fields on this screen are to describe where your inventory is. This address information may differ from the information you entered in Step 5. We suggest you name this location other than your company name, such as “Main Warehouse” or “Memphis.” 

The e-mail address you enter on this screen will be the sole recipient of all “BROADCAST REQUEST” e-mails sent to your company (or this location if you choose to set up multiple locations for your account). We suggest you populate this with a shared or group e-mail address, such as [email protected] or [email protected]

If you intend to post your inventory, enter desired order placement instructions in the text box titled “How to Order From This Location.” 

Click the CREATE/SAVE THIS LOCATION button to save your first location record. 

For level 3 and 4 members, you may add warehouse locations to your account by clicking the “ADD LOCATION” button. Click the “ADD LOCATION” button after entering each location’s information. 

Step 7: User Information 

The registrant’s user account is already listed at the bottom of this screen. The fields displayed here are for adding additional users. We recommend that you add: 

  •  A different user with administrative rights 
  •  A user account for each inside sales and purchasing staff member
  • A user account for your company’s principal, owner, or sales executive

Step 8: Payment 

Be sure to enter complete, accurate credit card account information, particularly your telephone number on record with your credit card provider. 

For additional registration questions, please reach out to our contact, Ted Henry, at [email protected]