The 2023 Principals Conference held this past October in San Antonio, TX, brought together 59 member companies, including seven new companies, for a series of strategic discussions and networking opportunities. Lee Slavinskas, IDCO’s Chairman, kicked off the event with a warm welcome and introductions, setting the tone for a collaborative meeting. The conference focused on the continuance of IDCO’s strategic plan and the futureproofing of IDCO members.  Planning updates addressed the continuation of membership growth, tech integration, and expanding networking opportunities — vital components for staying competitive and fostering growth.

New members, including Eric Plagenza from Specialty Hose Xpress, praised the conference for its valuable insights and learning opportunities. “The value was incredible,” said Plagenza. “I gained new perspectives on my business that are truly priceless, and I’m excited to bring back the knowledge from the conference.” Similarly, John Girard of Fluid and Handling Resources left with a reinforced sense of community, noting, “The conference reminded me that I’m not alone on my business journey.”

Members consistently emphasize the value of sharing best practices at the conference, often marking it as a highlight and a much-anticipated segment of the conference. Katie Powell from Munro Companies said, “I appreciate engaging with leaders from across the country!” This exchange of knowledge not only enriches members’ experience but also strengthens the collective expertise of the network.

The Principals Conference is more than just a series of meetings; with social and spouse events, it proves that IDCO members know the importance of balancing hard work with good fun —there’s more to it than strategy and numbers, but also camaraderie and shared laughs.

As the 2023 Principals Conference concluded, members were left equipped with actionable strategies and stronger networks to drive growth in the coming year. The productive discussions, shared best practices, and engaging social events emphasized the value of collective efforts. With the insights gained and partnerships forged, IDCO members are set to navigate the industry’s future with confidence and a competitive edge.