The Value of IDCO 1st

Invest in distributors that look to you first.

"The IDCO 1st philosophy is to seek out endorsed suppliers first when purchasing goods and services.
IDCO 1st equals increased value for our suppliers and increased value for our members. "
- Jack Kehm, Power Product Technologies, Inc.

The philosophy behind IDCO 1st is about members thinking of IDCO suppliers before placing an order or making a sales call. Every opportunity. Every time. IDCO 1st.

Accelerated Growth

When you become an IDCO endorsed supplier, you are part of a network that is built to drive your business. This leads to increased volume, market share and profits. A real return on your investment in IDCO.

100% rebate to members

While other co-ops and buying groups use rebates to run warehouses and pay for overhead, we use our suppliers’ rebates to influence member buying and selling behaviors. Your rebate investment is used to grow your business.


By participating in the IDCO Expo and accessing our communication tools, you are presented with cost effective methods to reach your sales targets.


We collect valuable feedback from members to gauge how our suppliers perform. As an IDCO endorsed supplier you get this information to help you grow within the membership and improved your overall performance as a company. When you perform at the level of our best suppliers, you are rewarded in our Hoser Honors program; and with profits.