Member-Focused, measurable, financial benefits

Join a co-op that delivers real value.

“In today's business climate where everything is measured,
IDCO has had a significant and measurable impact on TIPCO's bottom line.”
- Rob Lyons, TIPCO Technologies

Annual rebates

Our team negotiates member rebate programs with our endorsed suppliers that are based on projected mutual growth. In fact, the typical member earns twice the investment in rebates alone. As an IDCO member, you receive 100% of the rebate you earn.

Nationally competitive pricing programs and advantageous terms

With over 75 supplier partners, IDCO can offer you pricing and terms that will help you successfully compete against your strongest competitors. These programs, together with your depth of experience, are a winning combination.

Promotional pricing opportunities

IDCO members can take advantage of promotional pricing opportunities from endorsed suppliers during the annual expo and throughout the year.

Internal buy-sell program

IDCO members actively engage with each other to source and purchase non-stock items. It’s a valuable resource that saves you the time and money that would otherwise be spent to locate the non-stock products your customers sometimes require.