Euro-Tech Corporation

Distributor of German Engineered Tooling and Workholding Products

We are the exclusive North American distributor for the product lines of Mytec-Hydraclamp expansion arbors and chucks for balancing; Frenco’s gaging and workholding solutions; Knaebel transducers and gaging products; Kostyrka clamping sleeves plus The Jaw fixturing system; and Mesas wireless gaging data transfer technology. Check out our latest product line of Tschorn 3D Testers used in the machining industry.


Mytec-Hydraclamp expansion arbors and chucks feature a closed expansion system, impervious to dirt and chips, a guarantee for long service life. Frenco’s INO System spline gages provide a quick method of inspection ensuring interchangeability of parts even between different manufacturers. Kostyrka’s slotted clamping sleeves have been used in more than 200,000 applications since 1969. Knaebel probes offer elegant solutions for challenging measurement tasks. View our Product LInes. View our Terms and Conditions

We are the global supplier of the PG 1000 cutting tool inspection system

The PG 1000 Cutting Tool Inspection System features both scale and edge detection inspections in real time for state-of-the-art cutting tool inspection technology. If you need quick and flexible fixturing for your CMM check out our Pinhead system.