IDCO is committed to supporting strong partnerships between our members and trusted suppliers like MTO Hose. Feedback from Jason Bethel at Commerce Hose highlights MTO’s dedication to excellence and diverse product offerings.

Jason appreciates MTO’s straightforward and efficient service, particularly its no-fuss approach to drop shipping and quick order processing. “They have been exceptional in drop shipping orders blindly, without any hassle,” Jason mentions. He also points out MTO’s ability to expedite orders on the same day without extra fees.

Jason is particularly impressed with MTO’s communication: “What impresses me the most is their dedication to maintaining a direct line of communication with my contacts. I never have to wait for a response, as they are always prompt and readily available to address any concerns or queries.”

In addition to reliable service, MTO offers a broad range of products. In addition to their standard industrial PTFE hoses, they provide unique EPDM rubber-covered PTFE hoses and specialized food transfer hoses. Their recent facility expansion and partnership with Unigasket have enhanced their ability to offer custom solutions and a wider product range.

Jason Bethel’s experience with MTO Hose reflects the quality and reliability that IDCO members can expect. We invite members to review the range of solutions available from suppliers, including MTO, to see how they might enhance their business operations.