Written by Lydia Rice, TIPCO Technologies

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an algorithm that creates new content and has become the current distribution buzzword. It seems like AI is everywhere, but what are some realistic use cases and limitations of an AI model like ChatGPT? At TIPCO Technologies, we have embraced generative AI models to assist with various tasks, and we are excited to share some of our commonly used ChatGPT use cases and prompts with the IDCO community. As you explore the prompts and examples, you can get creative with how they can be applied to your market, existing customer base, and team needs.

Considerations Before Getting Started

When using the ChatGPT prompt’s content, your team should check and edit the response for accuracy, redundancies, and tone. ChatGPT is a fantastic tool, but it is no replacement for the wisdom and experience of the human mind. Simply copying and pasting the response for dissemination is not advised and has potential risks depending on the content and who you are sharing the generated content with.

ChatGPT is trained on the prompts entered and the responses it provides. Entering company secrets or proprietary information “feeds” the algorithm and is not recommended. Turning off the ability to train ChatGPT with your prompts and responses is possible, but it’s advised to be cautious not to enter confidential information.

Trying Out ChatGPT

  1. Visit this link: openai.com
  2. Sign up for an account.
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. Enter or write a prompt to get started.

Use Cases

  1. Market Research

Think about the hours required to research your market or product segment, organize your findings, and then disperse the information to your team. Utilizing the proper prompts through ChatGPT can be done within minutes.

Prompts to Try: 

  • What are the top [market segment or industry] companies in the [Your City] region?
  • Craft a detailed customer profile for the customer that needs [a specific product or service], including a full range of demographic characteristics and personality traits.
  • What are the leading industries in [Your State] that utilize [specific product line or service]?
  1. Strategy Development

Depending on the detail of the prompt, asking ChatGPT to help with strategy development returns either a general framework or a fully developed plan of action for the goal you are trying to accomplish.

Prompts to Try: 

  • Create a thorough 6-week social media campaign strategy for our [product line, service, store location, etc.] aiming to [your goal for this campaign]. We primarily use [LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, or any platforms you prefer to use].
  • Design a loyalty program for our retail customers to incentivize repeat visits and smooth transactions at our locations.
  • Create a go-to-market strategy for [product line or segment, service, or location] meant for the [target industry] within the [target region].
  1. Marketing Content

As a language model that generates content, ChatGPT excels at providing a range of marketing materials that can assist your team. Blog ideas, website content, email marketing content, and social media captions can be instantly generated using AI.

Prompts to Try:

  • Generate ten blog ideas about [product or service].
  • One of our core services is [service name], providing [service details]. Write two paragraphs for a webpage detailing this service.
  • Write 10 LinkedIn captions that promote our new location in [town or city] where we will stock and service [specific details about the location services or products].
  1. Communications

Writing letters, emails, or announcements can be time-consuming to get the messaging and tone to reflect your intentions. AI can craft professional and concise that represents your brand and company message.

Prompts to Try:

  • We are writing an email announcement to customers that rely on our company-provided delivery option. Write a 200–400-word email announcing the following changes in the delivery schedule: We will deliver to [Location 1] on Mondays and Thursdays, [Location 2] on Tuesdays and Fridays, and [Location 3] on Wednesdays.
  • We are closing for the Labor Day holiday. Write a 100–200-word email informing customers of our closure. We will close Friday, September 1st, at 5 pm and reopen Tuesday, September 5th, for regular hours.
  • We are introducing a new product line of [product details] to our customers. Write a 200–300-word email introducing the product line to customers within the [target market]. The product line details are as follows: [paste in any product details to be included in this announcement].
  1. Product Descriptions

The responses provided by ChatGPT can be used to assist with team product training, improving the search results on your website, or elevating how you market these products to customers. Adding them to your PIM or eCommerce site can improve your search engine results and customer experience.

Prompts to Try:

  • What other names exist for a [standard name for a product]?
  • In 100 words or less, write a product description for a [specific product or part number].
  • We must improve the ERP description of [part number or product name]. This is the current description: [paste current description]. The character limit is 25.
  1. Human Resources

From job descriptions to job offers, Human Resources professionals must generate a range of written content that AI can streamline. ChatGPT can provide a template or starting point for the materials needed daily by HR.

Prompts to Try: 

  • Write a job description for a full-time [role] based out of our [location].
  • Draft a [specific company policy] for the company handbook.
  • Write interview questions that should be asked while interviewing a candidate for the [role] position.
  1. Condense or Refine Information

We are faced with information overload. Lengthy emails and articles can be condensed with ChatGPT to emphasize the key points (you could do it with the article you are currently reading). Or edit your writings for clarification and tone. ChatGPT is not a perfect copywriter, but it can be a valuable second set of eyes.

Prompts to Try: 

  • Edit the following paragraph for grammar and tone. Do not change the style; adjust any discrepancies.
  • Provide the key points or calls-to-action from the article: [paste text from the article].
  • Read this email and highlight the key points: [paste paragraph from email]. Then, write a response asking them to provide more context about the critical issues outlined and a plan of action in the future.
  1. Sales Assistance

Sales professionals are often the busiest people within your organization and are approached with various questions daily. Although your team holds industry and product knowledge, not ChatGPT, utilizing AI to assist with customer questions or proposals can be a valuable tool for productivity.

Prompts to Try:

  • A customer is asking for [specific product details]. What could work for this application?
  • What are some use cases for [specific product line]?
  • We are trying to win [product or service] business from a customer that could [use a specific service or order a particular product segment] through us. Write a proposal for the customer outlining how we earn their business and outperform their current vendor.

Generative AI like ChatGPT cannot perform the core processes that define the fluid conveyance industry. ChatGPT cannot cut a custom gasket, fabricate a hose assembly, or forge steel into a fitting. It is no replacement for how the human spirit creates excellent customer experiences. However, ignoring the assistance of generative AI models could mean you’re missing out on resources that support the growth of different departments within your company. Be curious about this new technology. The prompts listed are just a small fraction of ideas to explore. Get creative and experimental with how AI can assist your current talent and leverage your operations.

Lydia Rice is an IDCO Technology Committee member and the Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at TIPCO Technologies. She believes embracing new technologies is possible while staying true to the methodologies and principles that define the fluid conveyance industry. Despite welcoming the assistance of AI, this article was written and edited in its entirety by humans.