Our “Back to School with IDCO U” campaign was hugely successful! From August 28th through September 12th, over 2600 course completions were recorded by IDCO members. We extend our thanks to all participants for their dedication and enthusiasm.

At the campaign’s end, we proudly announced the top 10 participants:

  • McGill Hose and Coupling: Sheila Bailey, Derek Martinez, Kris O’Conner, and James Haire.
  • TIPCO Technologies: Tanner Barr and Amy Hager.
  • Omni Services: Emma Etheridge and Eric Spear.
  • ARG: Joshua Hairgrove.

IDCO U is more than just an educational platform; it’s a resource hub for continuous development, featuring a curated selection of courses, training modules, and supplier tutorials. It empowers members to enhance their skills and suppliers to showcase their expertise, fostering a more skilled and interconnected IDCO community.

Through exclusive access, members strengthen their specialized skills and knowledge base, elevating individual capabilities and the collective power of the IDCO network. Campaigns like “Back to School with IDCO U” showcase commitment to continuous learning and growth within the IDCO network. It’s not just about completing courses; it’s about staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry. We’re proud of our top participants and grateful for everyone’s active participation.