IDCO has been a driving force behind empowering independent distributors in the industrial sector for three decades, forging collaboration and fostering excellence within the industry. As IDCO looks forward to its 30th Principal Conference this fall, we embark on a reflective journey into the achievements, challenges, and enduring impact this esteemed cooperative has had over the years. We were privileged to interview several long-standing members who shared valuable perspectives on IDCO’s establishment and its pivotal role within the industry.

The Role of IDCO in Facilitating Growth

Bud Yoder of NYCO corporation, one of the founding members, recounted the early days of IDCO when a small group of independent distributors saw the need to come together to achieve greater profitability and growth. By sharing their expertise and resources, IDCO members have collectively thrived, surpassing individual limitations and propelling the industry forward. IDCO’s commitment to vetting suppliers and pre-qualifying products has instilled confidence in distributors like Bud, who can focus on delivering quality to their customers without dealing with subpar vendors.

The Power of Collaboration and Collective Thinking

In our conversations with key figures such as Rob Lyons, President of TIPCO Technologies, he highlights the lessons learned from being part of IDCO for 30 years. He believes the essence of IDCO lies in the diversity and individuality of its member companies, each bringing their unique entrepreneurial spirit to the table. This collective thinking has fostered growth, driven innovation, and reached IDCO’s present-day success. Rob reflects on the challenges faced during IDCO’s early years and the transformative shift when the cooperative embraced change under his father, Bob Lyons, who took on the role of president in 2001. “Many members took a leap of faith to follow my dad—his wheelhouse was negotiating, and he brought in a lot of new suppliers and members,” stated Lyons.  The inclusive approach to collaboration and the power of shared visions have been central to IDCO’s growth and reputation as a best-in-class organization.

Building a Cooperative Community

Throughout the interviews, the significance of IDCO’s community and the cooperative spirit it fosters became apparent. Donna Nock, Vice President of IR-G, highlighted how IDCO has evolved, expanding its reach nationally and encouraging more women to become involved. IDCO’s commitment to maintaining a culture of mutual respect, knowing and supporting one another, has set it apart from other industry organizations. The emphasis on sharing best practices and the camaraderie among members has proved invaluable, strengthening relationships and supporting all involved.

Looking Ahead: Future Prospects and Opportunities

While IDCO celebrates 30 years of success, the future holds even greater responsibility and opportunities. The cooperative must continue to adapt to changing industry landscapes, channeling digital and technical challenges and embracing new forms of communication. However, the founding principles of IDCO – collaboration, trust, and support – will remain the foundation for sustained growth and prosperity. As Rob Lyons states, “The cooperative nature of IDCO is positioned to continue making a positive impact and seizing the countless opportunities that lie ahead.”

IDCO’s journey over the past 30 years is a testament to the power of collaboration, the importance of a cooperative community, and the remarkable achievements that can be realized when like-minded individuals come together. From its humble beginnings to its present-day prominence, IDCO has consistently fostered growth, facilitated innovation, and provided unwavering support to its members. As the cooperative looks to the future, it does so with great anticipation, knowing that the unique blend of camaraderie, collective thinking, and shared goals will propel it to even greater heights. With IDCO member leaders at the helm, the hose and fitting industry can confidently embrace the next 30 years of collaboration and excellence.