When ARG Industrial first partnered with Spectroline in 2020, they knew they had found a valuable supplier. What started with a range of Spectroline’s products at a single location has now become an exceptional and mutually beneficial partnership. As a premier distributor of hose and fittings, ARG Industrial attributes part of its success to the reliability and innovation of its suppliers, with Spectroline standing out for consistently surpassing expectations.

Kim Hunley, Director of Marketing at ARG’s Spokane Branch, remarks, “Spectroline’s range of fluorescent dyes and UV lamps has proven to be invaluable in various applications. These products have demonstrated high effectiveness in identifying leaks, which translates to savings in time, money, and potential environmental damages for our valued customers.”

Leak-prone equipment can lead to downtime, safety hazards, fines, environmental impact, and even legal repercussions. Hunley believes what truly sets Spectroline apart is its commitment to quality. “We have full confidence in the reliability and accuracy of their equipment, which has allowed us to offer a unique cutting-edge product on our shelves and website. Additionally, we are in the process of integrating their leak-detection products into our HosePro mobile repair and maintenance service, further enhancing our range of offerings”, Hunley adds.

Spectroline’s OEM-grade dyes for fluid system applications are available in Canada as well as Nationwide and Worldwide. The dyes come in sizes ranging from 16 oz / 32 oz / 1 Gallon / 5 Gallon / 55 Gallon Drums! For more information, click here.