In the third week of February, the IDCO Board of Directors and E1 Suppliers, key members of IDCO’s supplier council responsible for 70% of the co-op’s total volume, gathered at the 2024 E1 Supplier Summit. This biennial event is dedicated to building long-term relationships and aligning IDCO’s strategic direction with our suppliers. The focus was on setting goals for 2024, enhancing supplier value, and fostering partnerships.

The highlight of the Summit was the breakout sessions, starting with suppliers brainstorming to design the ideal channel partner. This creative process led to a follow-up session on developing member scorecards, enabling suppliers to provide members with meaningful feedback. These sessions enriched the collaborative discussions between the Board of Directors and suppliers, centering on continued growth and improving the cooperative’s performance.

This mix of productive sessions and engaging activities highlights IDCO’s commitment to its community. It also fosters a unique learning environment where suppliers gain insights from members and vice versa, setting a collaborative path forward for 2024.