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Company Overview

Safeplast NA Company, Ltd. (Safeplast NA) is a North American company with an affiliation with Safeplast Finland.

Safeplast NA began manufacturing and distributing Safeplast Spirals from a production facility located in South Eastern Ontario Canada in 2007.

In addition to Safeplast Spirals, Safeplast NA distributes various additional products used in the hydraulic industry.

Safeplast Spirals are used primarily for protecting Hydraulic Hoses from abrasion that can lead to premature equipment failure.

The North American production line was built by Safeplast Finland, thereby ensuring the same high quality Spiral Hose Wrap is produced and sold through out the world.

Safeplast’s unique manufacturing process produces a very strong Spiral capable of holding up to the most rigorous demands. This is accomplished by utilizing the structure properties of HDPE. Safeplast Spirals provide unparalleled strength and flexibility.

Safeplast NA has expanded its distribution reach, with resident stock in the United States. Ask our Customer Service about how this service may cut down delivery time and freight costs for you.

When it comes to Spiral hose wrap – thicker is not better – a NASA engineer commented that based on his research “Safeplast Spirals are the best on the planet.”