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Plastic Tubing, Rubber Hose, Fittings & Clamps

NewAge Industries manufactures and stocks large quantities of a wide variety of tubing and hose products. Click on the links below for complete listings of our plastic and rubber tubing and hose products, as well as fittings, clamps, and accessories. We also offer an extensive range of custom extrusion, fabrication, and assembly capabilities.

Tubing & Hose

Our plastic tubing & rubber hose is available in many different configurations to suit a wide variety of applications.


We offer a good cross section of plastic and metal fittings, couplings and connectors to efficiently connect our tubing & hose products.

Clamps & Accessories

To complete a tubing or hose installation, the use of clamps is typically necessary. We offer a selection of quality products to securely finish virtually any application.

Custom & Fabrication

NewAge Industries possesses the capabilities and experience to create custom parts perfectly suited to your application. Post-extrusion fabrication and hose assembly opens another range of options for providing parts to your exact specifications at a reasonable cost.