IDCO Leadership Conference

The strategic focus of our leadership conferences is on:


•   Building competitive advantage now and preparing for emerging competition

•   Strengthening member’s internal growth and processes

•   Improving IDCO’s value to members and suppliers

•   Building on best practices and strengthening our network


With over 60 executives from independent distributors across the U.S., the IDCO Leadership conference brings together the best independent minds in the industry. IDCO members leave the conference better prepared for the challenges their businesses face every day.

Strategic Pricing & the Future Viability of Co-ops

Mike Marks with Indian River Consulting Group will be holding a strategic pricing workshop at the Leadership Conference. He will address the future viability of co-ops and what buying co-ops should be doing to keep their members competitive in the future. Mike is an expert in market access and distribution channel strategy.


Mike writes about embracing change and preparing for the future in this article.