Hey, Derkin...

My father seemed to have a phrase for everything. Most of the phrases were funny, some were poignant, most exasperated my mother, but my brothers and I found them fascinating and entertaining.


One of the phrases that captured my attention as a lad was “it’s [insert any topic here] kind of like kissing your sister through the screen door – just not very exciting.”


Some of the stuff we sell isn’t very invigorating, either. Necessary? Yes. Exciting? Not so much. Take v-belts for example. I’ve never seen a very exhilarating v-belt. I’ve seen shredded belts, greasy belts, ripped, cut and stretched belts, but none with much of a personality.


For belts, we represent Bando. They’re one of the top three manufacturers of belts in the world. (did I say “world”?) Classic design. World famous quality. The Bando catalog even says that their “Power King Belt” (yelled into the microphone with lots of reverb added) is “bias cut rubber impregnated fabric” (be still, my beating heart).  Bando continues to opine “and uses ultra high strength polyester cords assuring fatigue resistance and length stability while providing the flexibility to attain long, trouble free service.” Man! The screen door is just a dim memory.


Now, when you buy a bunch of these action-packed belts from us, remember this –

  •        Don’t mix old and new belts
  •        Use the right belt for cryin’ out loud
  •        Align your sheaves (even replace them if they’re dished out)
  •        Use proper tension on the belts


Of course we’ll help you with all of that stuff. That’s why we’re here.


I’ve tried to make v-belts sound lively or even mechanically intoxicating. It doesn’t seem to work. They’re still really dull. But, if plant uptime and machinery efficiency are dull too, I’m OK with that.