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About Us

Based in Central Florida, between Tampa and Orlando, ChemStar® Mechanical Packing, Inc. manufactures more than 40 different styles of braided packing used in a wide variety of applications – including pumps, valves, oven doors, tank cars, dome lid seals, slurries, seals, heat exchangers and other industrial and commercial applications. StarPac injectable pump & valve sealant was introduced to help address current EPA concerns. StarPac promotes a cleaner environment as it reduces energy consumption, eliminates the need for sealing water and virtually runs leak free.


ChemStar® distributes its products worldwide through a network of independent distributors. ChemStar® products are manufactured in a 15,000 square foot building. The company use customized software for all phases of its operations including order entry, inventory, scheduling and production. Chemstar® also boasts an impressive array of machines which are used in such functions as winding, twisting and braiding. We have modernized and upgraded our machinery utilizing both old and new state-of-the-art overhead braiders.