It was 2002 and Alternative Hose was the vision of John Fuller, bringing customers an “Alternative” to their current hose and fitting suppliers. The intersection of the 91 and 57 freeways was the choice of location due to its centralized accessibility to all of Southern California.


The warehouse was only 5,000 square feet but was packed full of hose, fittings and optimism. The staff consisted of two full time employees and a LOT of family, working for free of course! With some hard work, dedication, long hours and most importantly, “doing what we say we are going to do” Alternative Hose quickly grew into four locations throughout Southern California in Loma Linda, Azusa, Long Beach and the Anaheim location, now 22,000 square feet!


Alternative Hose was the first in Southern California to crimp industrial hoses successfully through testing and repeatable results as well as being credited for inventing the FullBump system to protect camlock fittings!