Today’s Purchasing Challenges Answered by Midland Industries’ E-Commerce Solution

With businesses having to comply with social distancing requirements during this global pandemic, more and more end users are having to go online to buy their products. This is an excellent time for IDCO members to explore e-commerce solutions such as the one Endorsed IDCO 1st Supplier Midland Industries offers.


Midland can provide you with a fully functional, branded e-commerce site that comes pre-loaded with of all of their 15,000+ products. Your customers can simply go to the site and place their order, and then Midland will ship those products directly to you for fulfillment. You, in turn, have the choice to either fill those orders out of your current inventory or take advantage of Midland’s Private Label Shipping Program.


“Our solution lets IDCO members create an online shopping cart for Midland products that is customized with their name and contact information. It’s super easy to set up and start utilizing ─ and it even comes with marketing collateral that can be downloaded to promote the link to the website,” said Brett Powell, National Sales Manager for Midland.


IDCO members can get started by following four easy steps:


  1. Register – Just use your log-in to register at You’ll be asked to confirm your shipping and billing information, upload your logo, and select your personalized extension name for your landing page as well as the discount off list price you wish to offer your customers. Once you are registered, Midland will work quickly to get your site up and running.


  1. Market your site – Simply customize the sales and marketing materials with your logo and contact information and download them to start promoting your new e-commerce solution. These tools can be used on your mobile device or tablet, as printed brochures or they can be downloaded to zip drives.


  1. Receive online orders – When your customers receive your promotional materials, they’ll go to your site where they’ll find a wide variety of products at great prices. When they submit orders, you will receive email notifications with a link to your company portal where you can review, confirm and decide how you want to fulfill them.


  1. Realize growth – Once you invoice your customers and collect the receivables, you can begin to enjoy profitable growth.


As you continue to promote your new e-commerce solution, you’ll realize more and more online success ─ something that’s mission critical during this time when face-to-face interaction is a challenge. For more information, visit

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