Renaming of IDCO’s Member and Supplier of the Year Awards

This year at the IDCO Expo we announced the renaming of our Member and Supplier of the Year awards.

We were honored to be able to rename the Member of the year award to the Dixon LeGros Member of the Year Award. Dixon LeGros was an extraordinary man and a friend to many.


Dixon LeGros was an extraordinary man.  He was instantly likable. He was fun, intelligent, and a good listener. His humor was infectious and he had the wonderful ability to work well with others.

He was always about putting the best interest of the group first. Dixon knew that by doing so his business would ultimately benefit. When there was conflict or confusion during meetings he had a way of remaining calm and compromising and it was done in a way that made everyone feel included and invested in working toward a fair solution for everybody.

Dixon LeGros was truly a great guy and I was not only lucky enough to have him as a colleague but also as a friend.” – Dave Enger


Dixon LeGros was a friend, colleague, and a great man. He had a huge heart and he loved.  He loved his family, he loved his company, he loved our industry, and he loved IDCO. Every day was an opportunity for him to show that.” – Jeff Scheininger

Congratulations to the 2019 Dixon LeGros Member of the Year, Hose of South Texas!


We are also pleased to announce the renaming of the Supplier of the Year award to the Bob Lyons Supplier of the Year award.


“I have known Bob Lyons for many years: as a fellow distributor, a NAHAD committee member, as an IDCO board member, but most of all as a friend.  I have always admired his soft-spoken, but direct management style with his attention to detail and results.

IDCO would not be where it is today – with quality members, & suppliers and an eye on the future. Bob’s dedication to IDCO was special. Thank you, Bob –
you are the best!
” – Harry McGill


Bob Lyons is a visionary. He understood the need for our organization and through his thoughtful, competent leadership he was able to create the organization that we all benefit from today. His contribution to our industry and to our individual companies is realized on a daily basis. Every purchase order cut to “an IDCO vendor” is a testament to his foresight, his skills, and his peerless qualities.” – Jeff Scheininger

Congratulations to the 2019 Bob Lyons Supplier of the Year, Kuriyama of America!

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