Proco Products and IR-G Save the Day

On Saturday morning October 20th, Rob Coffee, VP of Sales and Marketing for Proco Products, received a call from Terry Yarbrough, Maintenance Supervisor at Daikin America, a chemical plant in Decatur, Alabama. Terry was in desperate need of a 1” 445BD 5-convolute PTFE expansion joint. He said, “We have your rubber-type joints in our plant, but I did not know that you supplied these joints as well until I looked on your website. I have a unit that is down and I need the part tomorrow.”


Rob looked at what they had in stock and found that there were five units committed to another order and one unit left on the shelf to sell. Rob told Terry he would put a plan in place to expedite his order and then asked him, “Who do you usually buy from?” Terry wasn’t sure, so Rob suggested, “how about IR-G?”  He then told Terry he would get one of his customer service reps to open the shop, pull the part, make shipping arrangements and follow up with Terry to ensure he receives the part.


Rob immediately contacted Ivan Romero Martinez, Customer Service Representative for Proco, and asked for his assistance with the emergency. Ivan said he’d be glad to help and then personally called Terry back, assuring him Proco would take care of his situation. Ivan then called Steven Prater, Customer Service Representative at IR-G, informing him of the situation. Steven was familiar with Daikin and helped Ivan put a plan in place.


“After speaking with Steven, I drove to the office and quickly made a few calls to several airlines that had flights scheduled to depart for Decatur that same day in the hopes of getting to the part to Terry,” said Ivan. “Unfortunately, no flights were available, but I was able to secure one the next day so the shipment would arrive in the morning.”


Ivan then packed the part, preparing it for departure. Once pickup was confirmed, he forwarded the tracking information to Terry and Steven. They were both amazed and thrilled that Terry would receive the part so quickly.


“I always strive to do the best I can to make sure I provide excellent customer service and make sure the job is done. I know that day I felt like I had accomplished that and felt really good,” remarked Ivan. “Monday morning had arrived and I had an email from Steven, telling me that it all worked out and that the customer Terry was very thankful and will always think of Proco Products, Inc.”


“Proco came through really big for us today,” stated Steven. “Please tell him thank you on behalf of IR-G’s Decatur branch.”

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