Kuriyama of America: Your Single Source for Commercial & Industrial Hose Products

Kuriyama of America, an Endorsed IDCO 1st Supplier, is literally a one-stop-shop for commercial and industrial hose products and accessories. Its expansive product line consists of thermoplastic, rubber and metal hose products, along with accessories including couplings and fittings.


But, did you know that it produces 60 percent of these products between the United States and Canada? That’s right! Kuriyama’s North American manufacturing locations include:


  • Tigerflex – Elk Grove Village, Illinois: Produced large bore thermoplastic and rubber hoses and is an ISO Registered manufacturer
  • Piranha – Cadillac, Michigan: Produces high-pressure thermoplastic hoses and is an ISO Registered manufacturer
  • HoseTec – Williamsport, Indiana: Produces metal hose
  • Kuri Tec – Brantford, Ontario, Canada: Produces small diameter PVC hoses as well as air, water, food and beverage, and agriculture spray hoses, and is an ISO Registered manufacturer
  • Accuflex – Guelph, Ontario, Canada: Produces beverage tubing and is an ISO Registered manufacturer

But that’s only half of the story. Kuriyama is dedicated to innovation and is constantly developing new and effective solutions so it can expand their product offering to fill existing and emerging needs in the marketplace. In fact, many of Kuriyama’s customers regularly approach them for new applications and it develops products to meet their specific requirements.


In the last several months alone, Kuriyama has rolled out seven new products. Let’s take a quick look at them:


Sphere Lock™ ─ A complete line of ball and socket couplings, elbows, flanges, reducers, Y and T connections, and more. These products are highly durable, with excellent resistance to impacts and vibration. They’re also able to handle full vacuum and higher pressures, making them ideal for the transfer of freshwater or wastewater in agricultural, construction, septic, mining and other industrial outdoor applications.


PolySpring® Oil – An oil resistant food & beverage vacuum/transfer hose with a crystal clear design that allows for visual confirmation of product flow. It features a glass-smooth interior which reduces the possibility of material buildup and ensures smooth flow of material, a grounding wire for static dissipation, and is non-marking. This hose was specifically developed for the transfer of oily food products such as olive, sunflower, soybean and peanut oils, petroleum based oils and grease suction, and complies with FDA and NSF requirements.


Oraflex® Aqua – A polyurethane potable water discharge hose that exhibits exceptional resistance to abrasion, oils and petroleum-based products and provides longer service life versus rubber or PVC hoses. NSF-61 Certified, this hose features a unique woven construction that makes it resistant to kinking, stretching and twisting. Available in 200 foot lengths and longer 660 foot lengths to reduce possible leaking points. Its smooth TPU tube provides low friction loss and its compact design makes for easy storage and transport. It’s ideal for drinking water transport, emergency water supply, liquid and powder food transfer, potable water to transfer ships/boats and sewer and water treatment.


Full flow swivel coupling – Fits MULCH, MULCH-LT, BARK, LA and UV1 hoses.


Viper® Industrial Hose Nozzles – These nozzles have adjustable flow control for a spray pattern from full stream to a misting fog. Rubber bumpers make them impact resistant, protecting them from damage if dropped or dragged. And, their lightweight, compact design helps reduce worker fatigue. Viper nozzles were developed for general plant wash-down service and dust control.

THT™ series (added new 3” and 5” sizes) – A wire reinforced EPDM wet or dry material handling hose designed for use in extreme temperatures and features a static dissipative tube that helps prevent the build-up of static electricity and keeps material flowing smoothly. This hose is used for applications including agricultural liquid fertilizer, fly ash collection, hydroexcavation, industrial vacuum equipment, material chutes, milling machine scrap recovery, sewer truck boom hose and slurry handling.


TSD™ series (added new 4” size) – An easy-to-handle EPDM fabric reinforced suction and discharge hose with an easy slide helix that is light-weight, flexible, durable and chemical resistant, and can handle both suction and higher pressure discharge applications ─ even in sub-zero temperatures. Used for agriculture liquid fertilizers, agri-foam systems, liquid manure handling, pumps, rental and construction dewatering, pumps, trash, septic and wastewater handling, suction and discharge, and heavy-duty water suction.


But, as you would expect from an IDCO supplier, Kuriyama isn’t satisfied to rest on its laurels. It’s already gearing up for future product development. Be on the lookout for new products from Tigerflex™, AlfaGomma® and Piranhaflex™ in the near future. In the meantime, consider Kuriyama for all your commercial and industrial hose and accessory needs. You’ll not only be satisfied with their mostly American-made product line, you’ll also enjoy the superior customer service IDCO members regularly receive and deserve.

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