Reelcraft Upgrades Its Series RT Spool

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Endorsed IDCO 1st Supplier Reelcraft embarked on an initiative earlier this year to address a warping issue in its Series RT spool. The goal of the initiative was to upgrade the spool to enhance its overall durability while preserving the fit, form, and function of the reel.


The enhanced 3” spool is now produced from a newly engineered plastic proven to be highly durable in environments such as industrial usage and weather cycles. The nylon material offers excellent resistance to impact fracture ─ even at temperatures below 32°F. The new spool is also backwards compatible and can be interchanged with the original RT design.


“The upgraded spool is lighter weight and has more space around the swivel and hose opening to provide extra room for removing and attaching the hose to the reel,” said Aaron Edds, Product Manager for the Series RT Spool. “We think IDCO members will be very satisfied with the improvements we’ve made to it.”


New production tooling was brought on-line to first address the 3” models and the next phase will include the 2” and 4” models. The following 3” models have been upgraded:

  • RT605
  • RT650
  • RT802
  • RT803
  • RT825
  • RT835
  • RT635 (high pressure only)


Reelcraft’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in its dedicated team of eight engineers who are on staff with the sole purpose of designing new products and enhancing older models. That kind of commitment is something we commonly find in IDCO suppliers and another reason they are among the highest regarded companies in the industry.

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