#IDCOSuccessStories: Midland Industries and Geib Industries, Inc.

IDCO member Geib Industries recently collaborated with Endorsed IDCO 1st Supplier Midland Industries on a custom fitting. Reps from both companies were attending a NAHAD trade show and discussing a solution to a problem Geib was trying to solve for a customer.

The customer was having quality issues with combining a brass bulkhead with a reducing adapter. Chris Geib, President of Geib Industries, had come up with a custom solution, but the customer needed the part NOW.

Brett Powell, National Sales Manager at Midland, mentioned they could handle short run specials for OEMs. Chris handed Brett a sketch of his idea on a cocktail napkin, and after confirming the design, Brett called it in to the engineering department.

“Having manufacturing capabilities in Kansas City has given us the opportunity to offer even more solutions for our distributors,” Brett said. “The ability to offer custom engineered components quickly gives us an edge on the competition.”

Midland produced the part and delivered it to Geib the very next day. Chris presented the piece to the customer and they were blown away! The part has translated into much success for the customer.

“When the parts were in my Chicago office the next morning…that was something I have never experienced from a manufacturer,” Chris said. “Midland will be getting our custom part orders, and we’re now moving more and more of our commodity parts to them, as well.”

This is the type of support that we’ve come to expect from IDCO members and suppliers. By working together, we grow, evolve, and remain competitive in the industry!

 Do YOU have an inspiring story to tell about a relationship with a fellow IDCO member or supplier? Let us know! We’d love to feature you in our next IDCO Success Story!

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