Are You Walking Past Rubber Expansion Joint Sales Opportunities?

Eric Blazej, Industrial Sales Manager at Proco Products (an Endorsed IDCO 1st Supplier), focuses on assisting IDCO members in finding opportunities with both new and existing customers. His main purpose is to encourage growth with the IDCO membership, and since he started in this role, sales have grown exponentially.

Eric can train your inside and outside sales teams and provide the necessary tools to expand their knowledge about expansion joints. Once your team is comfortable looking for the product, the next step is to visit your top customers that use expansion joints (if there’s a pump, there should be an expansion joint… or two) and present them with an expansion joint survey.

The survey process entails:

  • A store’s maintenance list of all expansion joints
  • A detailed report with pictures
  • Contract pricing

“Expansion joints are typically an afterthought of the piping system; most facilities have no plan in place should a joint fail. This completely free, value-added service ultimately makes the end users’ job easier and helps prepare them for a worst-case scenario situation, which is unexpected downtime.”

The additional benefits of the survey include stocking recommendations, making the customer aware of lead times, and pointing out improper installations and problem areas to keep an eye on.

Eric and Proco have helped numerous IDCO members increase sales, including Mid-State:

“Eric and the team at Proco made it easy for us to secure an order at our end user due to their detailed product knowledge and quick response time. Now that we have all their expansion joints identified and documented, it should lead to repeat orders down the road.”
– Jim Daniels, President, Mid-State Sales

This is just one of many relationships built over the years between IDCO suppliers and members, and it’s a great example of how you can utilize IDCO and our network to drive growth and build your brand.

Do YOU have an inspiring story to tell about a relationship with a fellow IDCO member or supplier? Let us know! We’d love to feature you in our next IDCO Success Story! 

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