#IDCOSuccessStories: ZSi-Foster and B&B Hose and Rubber Co, Inc.

IDCO Success Stories highlight instances of teamwork that frequently occur between our members and suppliers. This is the power of the IDCO network at work!

IDCO member B&B Hose was contacted by a large shipyard in need of a new quick coupler that would conn​ect under pressure. The sales team at B&B reached out to a handful of manufacturers to no avail; they didn’t see this as a large enough order to create the necessary piece. B&B then turned to Endorsed IDCO 1st Supplier ZSi-Foster.

Foster is a small business but can compete and sometimes offer more than any of its larger competition.  They will do what it takes to get the job done when the other guy will simply say no,”  said Andy Bell, owner of B&B Hose.

ZSi-Foster developed a drawing for a possible solution, and after approval, developed prototypes for the shipyard. The prototypes are now being tested.

“The B&B team saw a pain point being experienced in the shipyard and shared it with us,” explained Dave Sack, Vice President, Fluid Power Systems, ZSi-Foster. “From the contract, there is a possibility of developing a new product. This is a great example of solving a pain point through teamwork,” he said.

B&B Hose has found a new teammate in ZSi-Foster. Both companies received Honorable Mention at our recent IDCO Expo, and it’s a testament to the IDCO network to see them working together to create a solution for the customer (and a possible new product for ZSi-Foster). The companies are currently exploring other ideas to maximize profits and maintain a strong relationship, including:

  • Managing the release schedule to minimize cost and inventory for all parties
  • A commitment for a specific quantity within the calendar year – giving the ability to negotiate with the brass mills for improved pricing of raw material
  • Periodic check-ins to verify demand, supply, and quality

This type of support is what we’ve come to expect from IDCO members and suppliers. By working together, we grow, evolve, and remain competitive in the industry!

 Do YOU have an inspiring story to tell about a relationship with a fellow IDCO member or supplier? Let us know! We’d love to feature you in our next IDCO Success Story!

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