#IDCOSuccessStories – Motus Logistics and IR-G

IDCO 1st is our promise to provide support to the best suppliers in our industry – our members choose our suppliers first, and in return, our suppliers support our members first.

This dynamic inspired us to create IDCO Success Stories, highlighting instances of teamwork that frequently occur between our members and suppliers. This is the power of the IDCO network!

Motus Logistics, an Endorsed IDCO 1st supplier, has a history of helping other members in times of crisis. Since 2005, Motus Logistics has partnered with organizations of all sizes, across all industries, proactively reducing shipping costs and assisting with the negotiation of a small parcel and LTL/FT carrier agreements.

Motus has worked with IR-G in the past, handling claims for lost or damaged freight, and recently stepped-up to assist with a badly damaged shipment. This incident will resonate with many IDCO members, and helps demonstrate the power of the Endorsed IDCO 1st membership:

“We had a shipment come in from a supplier,” explained Mark Fournier, President of IR-G. “It was in a long tube, and somebody had run over it (right in the middle of the tube!) with a forklift before it got to us!”  he recalled.

The product was completely ruined, but IR-G didn’t panic. They called Motus, who handled the claim for them immediately.

“We’re not experts on handling claims and it’s really nice to have these folks in our corner.  The claims get resolved and processed a lot faster with Motus,” Mark said.  “The whole ordeal was resolved in just a few days, stress-free!”

IR-G also appreciates the ease of working with a reputable supplier like Motus. Their customer service is excellent, and Motus makes it super-easy to track shipments and view charges online.

“Their billing is very clean and transparent. We get a weekly bill that is consolidated and easy to process,” Mark commented. “In short, Motus allows IR-G more time and energy to spend on what we do best!”

 Do YOU have an inspiring story to tell about a relationship with a fellow IDCO member or supplier? Let us know! We’d love to feature you in our next IDCO Success Story!

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