IDCO Welcomes Our Newest Supplier: Interlynx Systems, Leaders in Marketing and Technology

IDCO is excited to announce that Interlynx Systems, LLC has joined our ever-expanding network of reputable suppliers!

About Interlynx

Interlynx Systems was founded in 2006 as a consulting practice to help manufacturers understand how to “unleash the power of the sales channel.” The company consisted of just two employees (who remain there to this day). After launching their first system, the reaction from the distributor community was immediate and enthusiastic. Interlynx Systems was a success!

Since then, Interlynx has developed a portfolio of systems that drive higher levels of collaboration between manufacturers and distributors, and the company has become the number one provider of lead management and point of sale (POS) systems for manufacturers AND distributors by number of clients and number of users, while boasting a near-perfect client retention rate. Interlynx systems are complex, yet simple; effective, yet elegant. 

Interlynx Takes the Lead

Many IDCO distributors may already be familiar with Interlynx Systems. Each month, Interlynx delivers thousands of sales leads from their “manufacturer” client systems. In recent years, Interlynx developed a “distributor” version of their program since so many distributors were requesting it. The process is simple: sales leads received from Interlynx suppliers (as well as suppliers not using Interlynx), in addition to other leads generated through marketing collateral (web forms, shows, campaigns, referrals, etc.) are funneled into Interlynx. Each lead is then formatted, researched, appended, and finally routed to the distributor’s sales team. Interlynx provides distributors a weekly suite of reports and dashboards (and will even provide a report to your suppliers!) on the status of each. The company offers CRM and/or ERP integration, as well.

 “A Worthwhile Investment”

Hear what a longtime IDCO member had to say about partnering with Interlynx:

“Working with Interlynx to add an automated lead management component to our sales process has been a great experience. They have added visibility to our lead management, which has given us insights into where our leads come from, how quickly they are followed up on, and the sales dollars they’ve generated. They were able to integrate their lead management system with our CRM, which has made lead conversion seamless. The visibility, ease of use, and tracking ability has been a worthwhile investment. Most importantly, they have been wonderful to work with!”– Eric Wierenga, Marketing Manager, Omni Services

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