Supplier Spotlight: Stucchi

Stucchi Connect under Pressure mix

Supplier Spotlight: Stucchi

Our latest Supplier Spotlight features Stucchi USA, Inc. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Scott Rolston, President of Stucchi USA, Inc. to discuss our partnership which began 16 years ago, in 2003.

How did you find out about IDCO?

In 2003 I was introduced to Rob Lyons (President of TIPCO Technologies, Inc. and longtime IDCO Chairman). Rob emphasized the potential benefits of partnering with IDCO and reiterated its mission to keep independent distributors profitable and competitive. It was Lyons that began the process of Stucchi becoming an IDCO supplier.

What products and services are Stucchi best known for?

A family-owned and operated company, Stucchi will celebrate 60 years in business next year. We’re an organization that is passionate about our products, operates with integrity, and executes based on a culture of solving problems. The Stucchi Quick Release Coupling line offers the standard commodity items, but we’re best known for our quality and solutions-based approach. We are one of the original developers of flat face couplers, originated the screw flat face design, and we’re a pioneer in multi- coupling plates.

What do you like most about partnering with IDCO?

As an IDCO partner, we most appreciate the geographic coverage that the distribution network offers, as well as the profile of independent distributors. We’ve limited our exposure to nation chains, and IDCO allows us to maintain that market position.

What are your goals in 2019?

Our 2019 goals strongly apply to both new and existing distributors. For existing distributors, we want to reinforce our market position as a leader in solutions for our product category. For new distributors, our goal is to help them understand the potential of a solutions-based approach.

Do you have any advice for suppliers considering partnering with IDCO?

Absolutely! Never assume that just because you’re a vendor that the business will be turned over to your company. All business must be earned!

What’s the ONE thing you want members of IDCO to know about Stucchi?

We’re not just a supplier but define our company as a vendor that brings value through our experience and knowledge that goes beyond just our products. Our main objective is to deliver value to IDCO members beyond product, and to be a resource to help grow their overall business.


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