Supplier Spotlight: Dixon Quick Coupling


Dixon LogoOur partnership with Dixon Quick Coupling began on June 1, 2017 (about 18 months ago). We had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Jarman, Dixon Quick Coupling Sales Manager of Dixon Valve & Coupling.

How did you first find out about IDCO?

Several of our key distributors had been members of IDCO for a long time. From them, we learned what members valued from a supplier and felt that partnering with IDCO would help us grow new and meaningful relationships with a group of talented, independent distributors.

What products and services are Dixon Quick Coupling best known for?

We’re a U.S. manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic quick disconnects. The products we manufacture are used in a plethora of markets. Some of those markets include oil and gas, pulp and paper, food and pharmaceutical, steel making, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and mining.

Since partnering with IDCO in 2017, we’ve only offered the Dixon Quick Coupling division products, but starting this year we’re now offering all products from our Dixon Brass division as well as fire adapters and nozzles from our Dixon Fire division. We hope these new products will generate additional value to IDCO members!

What’s the ONE thing you want members of IDCO to know about Dixon Quick Coupling?

Dixon is committed to delighting our customers by being the easiest company they do business with every day. Whether it’s a quality product that our distributors can be proud to sell, a delightful customer service experience over the phone, or making that next joint sales call with one of the many talented IDCO distributor salespeople to help win new business, we want those interactions to be easy, every single day. It’s a win-win environment when that happens!

What are your goals in the New Year?

Our 2019 goals can be broken down into 3 main objectives and will all include IDCO: distributor growth, OEM growth and new product sales. We feel training is an important component that leads to distributor growth and plan to offer online training modules and even conduct an on-site workshop in May. We believe there’s an opportunity to grow with OEMs through distribution, and we’ll market our engineered solutions capabilities and flexibility to all IDCO members. We’ll soon be releasing new products and will target IDCO members to help sell these new products to their end user customers. We are optimistic about 2019 and value the vision of growth that IDCO members bring to the table.

How do you utilize IDCO’s website?

The website is a great resource for learning about our customers and how we can help them. We read the blog to keep up on important news about IDCO members and the marketing team has been very helpful in helping us add new content. We have seen increased interest from members that use the site and we will continue to use it as a resource.

What do you like most about partnering with IDCO?

Working with IDCO truly feels like a partnership between members and suppliers that share a dedicated vision for growth. We may be a new IDCO supplier, but the relationships built with some of the long-standing members go back for decades. We value those relationships and are committed to growing together for many years to come.

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