IDCO Supplier Doubles Sales

ZSi-Foster is expected to grow sales 100% with IDCO this year. Dave Sack, Vice President and General Manager of ZSi-Foster, attributes this growth to a few different factors.
The first factor was a series of updates to their product line, and the subsequent opportunities with IDCO members. ZSi-Foster introduced a number of new products, and Foster added some unique, value-added products as well.
Sack also attributes growth to the newly developed one-on-one meeting format at last year’s Expo and ZSi-Foster’s prompt follow-up with training and field support.
In Q2, IDCO and ZSi-Foster produced a survey that encouraged IDCO members to identify strengths and weaknesses within the ZSi-Foster organization. They used the feedback to improve their operations including an overhaul and condensing of their product catalog into a single, much simpler format.
Sack believes that since the IDCO 1st philosophy has resonated with so many members, ZSi-Foster’s growth will only continue to gain momentum.
ZSi-Foster will be releasing these new products in 2019:
  • FF Plus Series
  • F180 Series
  • FVEP Series
  • 3000 PSIG T bar valve
  • ISO B in 316SS and > 1” (brass)
  • Color code pneumatic
  • USV Series
  • Carpet Clean QD Series
  • CRN certifications

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