IDCO 1st Encourages Growth

Westflex has also experienced significant growth within IDCO this year. Elliot LeGros, Vice President at Westflex, says their largest growth this year was with their current largest IDCO supplier. LeGros says 2018 was a booming year in the Southern California market for some of the specific hose applications that they carry.
Additionally, Westflex continues to remind their team of the IDCO 1st philosophy – to buy from IDCO suppliers first whenever possible. Westflex makes sure all IDCO suppliers are easily searchable in their ERP system, and their purchasing team watches purchase orders for non-IDCO suppliers that could be easily converted. Quite often, they are able to make the switch.
Westflex looks to continue their growth with IDCO in the coming year. They have been an IDCO member since 2006.

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