August 2018 Member of the Month

In 1962,  Harry  A. McGill founded the H.A. McGill Co. He recognized the need for a specialized fabricator of metal and Teflon hose assemblies as a vital link between the manufacturers and the end users. With his expertise in both metal and Teflon hose products, the H.A. McGill Co. serviced their customers with factory quality assemblies, with instant delivery, and provided the application assistance they required.


As our reputation for product knowledge and problem-solving grew, so did the desires of our customers to have us service them more completely. Additional product lines were added and our name changed to McGill Hose & Coupling, Inc. to reflect these changes. Providing the best possible product for each customer’s specific requirement became our responsibility, not only our goal. Our extensive line of quality hose and fitting products today can be traced back to our founder’s customer-driven philosophy: “Provide the best possible product for each and every application” Our desires and accomplishments did not go unnoticed. Quality manufacturers who respected our approach to customer satisfaction and proper product selection made their products and expertise available to us. This combination of supportive suppliers and an increasing number of customers with ever-increasing requirements, has kept us abreast of the latest technologies and product improvements. As our customers’ technologies change, as well as their ways of doing business; so must we. Providing the best possible product for each specific application will not be enough. We have to ensure that we constantly provide this service error free, on time, hassle free every step of the way, all the time. Our reputation is dependent upon how well we accept these new challenges, how we improve our systems, reduce the chance for errors and ensure continually improving customer satisfaction. Our customers demand it, and most importantly they deserve it!

We asked Alex McGill, COO at McGill Hose & Coupling, a couple of questions:

What do you like best or enjoy most about the industry?
I feel fortunate to work with customers in a variety of markets. With our diverse capabilities, we find ourselves solving problems for local small manufacturing companies all the way to large aerospace customers. The food and beverage market is also fun because our friends and families can all relate to what we do based on who some of these customers are. I have also enjoyed working with other hose distributors. Hose distributors, when locked in a room together, feel very special that we are the experts in such a unique product line. We just seem to understand each other’s passion.

How has IDCO helped improve business?
IDCO holds a special place in our business. Improved margins based on cost savings and rebates are obviously a huge contributor in the impact that IDCO has on McGill Hose. However, the value in terms of actual growth can be attributed to sending as many people as we can to the spring tradeshow/meeting. This meeting allows our employees the chance to mingle with key suppliers, and more importantly, fellow non-competing distributors. Our employee talent has grown exponentially because of our participation at this meeting and as a member of IDCO.

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